The fastest and easiest screen printed transfer to apply.

The best selling screen printed transfer applies in just 4 seconds. Goof Proof is versatile, durable, and offers superior opacity on any color apparel. Request a Goof Proof sample.

  • Ideal for heat application on athletic apparel.
  • Available in 65 stock colors.
  • Phthalate-free plastisol ink.
  • Can be pressed as a Polytrans transfer - 340° for 10 seconds
  • Recommended Fabrics: cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends
  • Matching colors of Names & Numbers available.
  • Estimate costs with the Screen Print Price Calculator.
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Tips / Application

  • Goof Proof and Polytrans are the same ink formula. The only difference is the application technique.
  • For a glossy retro look, cover the finished print with a reusable cover sheet and heat press again.
  • Works on polyester mesh. Remember, the holes "poke" through, so use a slip sheet between the layers.
  • If applying to polyester that stretches or heat sensitive performance wear, Elasti Prints® will be a better option.
  • For multi-color Goof Proof transfers with no backing color, press for 7-9 seconds instead of the 3-5 seconds.


Please check transfers carefully before heat-applying. An extra transfer is included for testing.

Pre-Heat Garment

First, place the garment on platen, heat press for 3-5 seconds or until there is no more steam to remove wrinkles and moisture. Ensure there are no obstructions such as buttons, pockets, or seams. If there are, raise only the print area with a Print Perfect Pad.

Position & Press

Place the transfer face down on the garment. Close the heat press and heat for 3-5 seconds.

The recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings are for Stahls' Hotronix® heat press machines. Settings on other heat presses may vary.

  • Time: 3-5 Seconds
  • Temperature: 360ºF
  • Pressure: medium
  • Peel: warm


How do your prints compare to screen printing?

Our Hot Split, Goof Proof®, Polytrans, Elasti Prints™, Glitter, and Reflective transfers are screen printed. If you are looking for a light, breathable print, select Hot Split. For a heavier, athletic feel select Goof Proof. Our transfers are just as durable as direct screen printing!

Which ink formula should I use?

All three of our products work on cotton, polyester, or a cotton/poly blend. The choice is based on the feel of the product. • Hot Split has a lighter, softer feel. It also allows you to do more with multi colors. Hot Split gold, yellow, tan and neon ink colors do not work on dark garments. All other ink colors will work on all other colors. • Goof Proof® is your choice for a heavier feel. If using white, gold or yellow ink on a dark garment, we recommend Goof Proof for the heavier feel and opacity. • Polytrans uses the same ink and adhesive as Goof Proof but is best used if you need to apply at a lower temperature.

What is a gang sheet?

A gang sheet is a transfer sheet with more than one image on it, and all the same ink color. The images can be the same art just different size or different images. To use, you simply cut out the image needed and apply. Because we are putting more than one image on the sheet, a gang sheet can be very economical.

On what types of fabrics can screen printed transfers be applied?

Screen printed transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester, or poly/cotton blends.

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