Glossary of Terms


Blank wholesale t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, and more for the use of decorating and customizing apparel for end consumers

Accepted File Types

Digital file formats of your artwork that we are able to print, or use as a guide, for custom screen printed transfers and Stretch Litho™ transfers. You can send us over 30 different formats: CDR, CMX, CPT, WMF, PLT, SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, PS, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PPT, PPTX, PUB, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2, TIF, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCT, PCX, PICT, PSD, EMF, TXT, ZIP


A screen printed transfer made with water-based ink that applies to a variety of fabrics including spandex and types of nylon. A Dye-Block option is available to block dye migration for sublimated apparel.


Common colored, visible contoured outline enclosing all printed areas.


A digitally produced product printed on vinyl material that displays art and information. Can be hung inside or limited outside use and is available with a glossy or matte finish.


Our official Transfer Express blog hosts a variety of educational topics, tips, tricks, and inspiration related to t-shirt businesses and heat printing.

Bumper Sticker

A digitally-produced, full color decal to affix to a car bumper.


A digitally-produced, full color product for both apparel and non-apparel.

Clip Art

A collection of art to be used in Easy Prints layouts.

Color Change

The changing of the ink color midway through a screen printed transfer run. Your pricing is based on the total sold with a small fee to change the color. For example you might want 10 in red and 40 in white; you would be priced at the 50 total with a fee for the color change.

Color Match

If an additional color is needed that is not in stock, any color can be matched for an extra fee if you provide a pantone number or sample.

Color Selector

A booklet of the ink color selection available from Transfer Express.

Custom Clip Art (CCA)

Clip art saved from one of your Easy Prints Plus orders for your future use in Easy Prints layouts.


A Transfer Express customer.

Dealer ID

A Transfer Express customer number.


An effect which gives your print a worn look.

Easy Prints®

A collection of customizable professionally created art layouts. You can change the text, clip art, font and choose the colors and size. Easy Prints can be used to design artwork for apparel. Four choices are available: Easy Prints (created from our layouts), Easy Prints Plus (created from your artwork), Easy Prints Letters, and Easy Prints Numbers.

Easy Prints® Plus

Screen printed transfers that are printed using your own custom artwork that you send to us.

Easy View®

Online design preview of custom created Easy Prints layouts.

Elasti Prints®

Screen printed transfers designed to go on polyester or cotton that stretches.

Express Names™

Pre-spaced individual screen printed transfer names applied with a heat press.

Express Pack

A box of Easy Prints numbers that includes 15 number 1s and 5 each of the numbers 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Express Print

An economical, full color, digitally produced heat applied transfer.

Express Matte 250

A full color, digitally produced heat applied transfer that has a soft, matte finish and applies at a low temperature, fast 5 second application.

Faux Rhinestone

A type of transfer that uses glitter ink and a dot pattern to give the look of rhinestones.


A product used on top of the Foil Adhesive transfer type that gives a shiny look.

Foil Adhesive

A screen printed transfer type that applies prior to the foil product.


Letter styles (typestyles) that can be used when printing custom products.

Gang Calculator

An online tool to help you figure how many images can fit on a gang sheet when ordering screen printed transfers.

Gang Sheet

A screen printed transfer sheet that has multiple images on the sheet.


A screen printed transfer with sparkle.


A screen printed transfer that is an off-white color in daylight and glows as a green color in the dark.

Goof Proof®

Plastisol, screen printed ink type that has adhesive added. Applies in 4 seconds.

Goof Proof® No Backing

Multi color Goof Proof transfers that do not have a common backing/outline color enclosing all printed areas.

Head To Toe Gang Sheets

A specially created “tattoo” look transfer layout that can be cut apart to be used in multiple places.

Heart Size

A transfer size designed to be applied to the left chest.

Heat Press

A machine that applies transfers using time, temperature and pressure settings.

Heat Printing Pillow

A foam cushion sold by Stahls’ ID for use with their products. A pillow should NOT be used with transfer application.

Hot Split

A screen printed plastisol transfer type that applies at a high temperature and melts into the fabric giving a soft feel.

Idea Book™

The Transfer Express “bible,” a book with Easy Prints layouts to help you create custom transfers for apparel and non-apparel products such as stickers, banners, window decals, wall graphics and static clings.

Idea Gallery

Online photos of Easy Prints layouts that have been printed on apparel.

Image Editor

A tool within Easy View® that vectorizes your uploaded raster art and removes the background.

Image Resizer Tool

An online tool to help you figure proportions when calculating enlargements or reductions.

Ink Formulas

The choice of inks used for screen printed transfers. Examples are Goof Proof, Hot Split, Polytrans and Glitter.

Kraft Paper

A type of cover sheet which produces a matte finish.


Professionally created designs (templates) used to create Easy Prints transfers.

League Layouts

Specially priced screen printed gang sheets, where multiple teams (sponsor strips) are put on one sheet.

Marketing Kit

A kit that can be purchased from Transfer Express to help with the selling of custom transfers. Includes idea book, dealer guide, samples, poster, getting started guide, color selector, and a coupon.

Number Calculator

An online tool to help you figure how many numbers are needed for a team or league.

Number Kit

A box of Easy Prints numbers that includes 120 of the number 1, 30 each of 2,3,4,5,6, and 9, and 15 each of 7, 8, and 0 for a total of 315 digits.

Outline Color

The outermost color on a multi-color print.


International color matching system using numbers to identify colors.

Pearl Prints™

A screen printed transfer type with a pearlescent effect or shimmer.

Peel and Press Letters

Letters and numbers that are peeled off sheets and applied with a heat press.


Ink used for screen printed transfers.


Upper or Lower metal plate of the heat press. Lower platens can be interchangeable and are sold as a Heat Press Accessory.


Plastisol, screen Printed transfers that have adhesive which applies with a lower temp/longer time than Goof Proof.


Artwork ordered to view the art prior to ordering the transfer.

Print Perfect Pad

A silicone rubber pad designed to raise your print area during heat printing, to avoid seams, buttons, zippers, and other obstructions, while giving a flat, solid surface for even pressure.


A screen printed transfer formula that puffs when applied.


Screen printed transfer that reflects direct light.

Exact Reorder

When you need more transfers of the exact art you ordered previously. We keep art on file for 2 years. Visit My Account, Past Orders to and look for the "Reorder" link. With exact reorders, you can change quantity and colors. Your previous order # is needed.

Reorder with a Change

When you need more transfers of previous art you have ordered but you need to change the art, size, transfer type, etc. Call us at 1-800-622-2280 to place these orders.Your previous order # is needed.

Retail Price List

Dealer pricing that has been doubled for retail selling—what you would charge the customer.

Reusable Cover Sheet

A type of cover sheet which leaves a shiny finish.


A premium service ordered for a fee when an item is needed prior to the scheduled ship date.

Screen Printed Transfers

Transfers produced using plastisol ink and the screen printing method.

Shirt Tags

Easy Prints layout for creating shirt tag screen printed transfers.


The area of art or text where the shirt color shows through the design.


A simulated embroidery effect added to full color transfers to look like embroidery stitches but does not have a texture.

Soft Opaque

A versatile, full color, digitally produced heat applied transfer that applies to nylon and spandex.

Speedy Air

Two-day air shipping service offered for the same price as Ground service.

Split Front

A type of print needed for a button-down shirt where the print will be applied to both sides of the shirt. TIP: Cut the transfers in half to apply to each side.

Static Cling

A digitally produced product that affixes to smooth glass services with static electricity. Static Clings can easily be removed and repositioned.


A digitally produced product with an adhesive backing for application on a variety of items including laptops, notebooks, drinking bottles, etc.

Sub Block

A full color, digitally produced heat applied transfer that blocks dye migration when applied to sublimated apparel.

Threading (dressing)

An application technique where you “dress” the apparel on the lower platen.


An image printed on a release paper that is applied to apparel using a heat press.

Transfer Extreme™

A line of screen printed transfers using simulated color to give a full color look.

TX Ticker

The interactive online shipping schedule for Transfer Express products.


A list of words for application to one shirt. For example, a class list or schedule that is printed on the back of a shirt.


Letter styles (fonts) that can be used in Easy Prints custom transfers.

UltraColor™ Soft (SLM)

A full color transfer option that is digitally printed with a screen printed backing that has a soft, matte finish.

UltraColor™ Stretch

A full color transfer option that is printed digitally with a screen printed backing for stretchy apparel like performance wear.

UltraColor™ Stretch Blocker

All the features of UltraColor Stretch with an added blocker to inhibit dye migration on sublimated polyester.


The method of sending artwork electronically.

Wall Graphics

A digitally printed, full color product that can be applied to walls and lockers, then removed or repositioned.


Transfer Express hosts an online free monthly webinar class to teach about heat printing and ideas on how to grow your t-shirt business.

Window Decal

A digitally printed product for permanent placement on a window.

Wholesale Suppliers

Business-to-business sellers for heat printing materials, such as blank apparel, for the use by t-shirt businesses.

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