Combining Stock Reflective with Screen Printed Transfers

Make your customers stand out in the dark
Our reflective stock transfers can be used on their own or they can be enhanced by personalizing them with a screen printed transfer. Choose our metallic silver ink that looks very similar as the reflective transfer color in regular daylight or create a multi-color effect using any of our stock ink colors. By adding a screen printed transfer, you can add customization to your customers’ apparel while maintaining the reflective safety requirement.

How to Apply Screen Printed Transfers with Stock Reflective

There are two ways to accomplish a screen printed transfer and reflective transfer look. Choose a layout that can incorporate the chosen reflective text. Ask to have our artists omit lines of text or leave adequate space so you can incorporate the reflective transfer. During application, apply the screen printed transfer first and then align your reflective transfer in place for application.
The other way is to simply cut the screen printed transfer as needed before application. Align both the screen printed transfer and reflective transfer together on the garment and apply together. If using Goof Proof screen printed transfers, application can be done at the same time and temperature, 340 degrees for 10 seconds.

*Always follow the instructions given to you with your transfer order.