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Stock Screen Printed Transfers

Stock Transfer Packs from WildSide

The WildSide is the largest supplier of pre-designed and pre-printed stock transfers, with over 10 million quality stock heat transfers in their warehouse, in a variety of categories such as Humor, Wildlife, Politics and more.

Visit to see all available stock designs and purchase individually.

  • Each pack includes 2 transfers of 6 different designs
  • Ship same day if ordered by 3 pm EST
  • Price: $24 per pack of 12 transfers
  • Recommended fabrics: cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends

Express yourself at work, school, & play®

Styles Available

  • HRT-1 Heart Multi Pack

    12 Pack - 2 each of 6 designs (Sizes: 15701 12" x 12", 16667 9" x 8", 16253 9" x 8", 18646 7" x 7", 17591 9" x 8", 18300 9" x 8")

Tips / Application

  • Check the application instructions carefully that come with your transfer pack. Instructions may vary with transfer pack.


Please check transfers carefully before heat-applying.

Pre-Heat Garment

First, place the garment on platen, heat press for 3-5 seconds or until there is no more steam to remove wrinkles and moisture. Ensure there are no obstructions such as buttons, pockets, or seams. If there are, raise only the print area with a Print Perfect Pad.

Position & Press

Place the transfer face down on the garment. Close the heat press and heat for the specified time that came with your transfer.