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Holiday Rhinestone Transfers

Add some bling to your holidays!

Use these rhinestone transfers to help your customers add a little glitz and glam to their custom printed apparel during the holidays.

  • Great for use on their own or to add sparkle to a screen printed transfer design
  • Add to sleeves or hoodie pockets for extra holiday cheer
  • Create awesome gifts by adding them to aprons or tote bags to match a T-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Try a multi-pack with 2 of each of the designs that the pack contains
  • Transfers ship same day if ordered by 3 pm EST(with $24 minimum order)
  • Prices and quantities vary by design
  • Recommended fabrics: cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends
  • Check out our Fashion Rhinestone Designs and Mascot Rhinestone Designs

Styles Available


  • RS-40

    4.13" x 3.94" Bats (stones) 5 pack

  • RS-43

    4.13" x 3.88" Ghosts (stones) 5 pack

  • RS-45 Multi Pack

    Halloween Multi Pack - 10 pk (2 each of RS-40-44)

  • RS-63

    RS-63 - Holly 3.6" x 3" (5 pack)

  • RS-64

    RS-64 - Snowman 3" x 3" (5 pack)

  • RS-65

    RS-65 - Joy Angel 3" x 3" (5 pack)

  • RS-82

    4" x 4" Shamrock (studs) 5 pack

Tips / Application

  • If applying with a screen printed transfer, cover with a cover sheet.
  • Don't apply rhinestones on top of screen printed transfers.

Pre-Heat Garment
First, place the garment on platen, heat press for 3-5 seconds or until there is no more steam to remove wrinkles and moisture. Ensure there are no obstructions such as buttons, pockets, or seams. If there are, raise only the print area with a Print Perfect Pad.

Remove the transfer from the white backing and position on the shirt.

Close the machine and press for 10-12 seconds.

Peel Cold
Remove the garment from the press. Allow to completely cool. Peel off the clear carrier.

The recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings are for Stahls' Hotronix® heat press machines. Settings on other heat presses may vary.

  • Time: 10-12
  • Temperature: 325°F
  • Pressure: medium
  • Peel: cold


What is the minimum order?

You can order just one, but your invoice total of all products ordered needs to be $25 to avoid a service fee.

Can we make a custom rhinestone design?

Yes, we sell custom rhinestone transfers. You can use any of our Easy Prints® layouts for artwork or you can send us your own. Our designers will create the rhinestone art based on your artwork.

Do you have transfers that are heat seal and look like rhinestones? I want school names to press on t-shirts.

We have some faux rhinestone layouts that are a dot pattern printed in glitter ink.

Can I order names in rhinestones?

For rhinestone names you would just order the letters. We don't offer custom made rhinestone names. We sell them in alphabet packs with 1" tall letters.

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