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What is a proof?

A proof is a way to see the final version of the artwork before your transfers are printed. We offer electronic artwork proofs only.

Proofs are highly recommended for orders that include a typesetting fee and/or are over $750.


Cost and Turnaround Time of a Proof

Electronic proofs must be paid in advance or charged to a credit card. This cost is non-refundable, but the cost will be deducted from your transfer order once placed, making it free!

Proof from our artwork (Easy Prints®)

  • If you call in an Easy Prints order and need a proof, you can order one for $25.  Once you place transfer order from the proof, the $25 proof fee is credited to your order.
  • Order a proof by 11 AM EST and you will have a proof same day. After 11 AM the proof will be available next day.

Proof from your artwork (Easy Prints Plus)

  • Proofs for your Easy Prints Plus order are available for $45. Easy Prints Plus proofs are available within 2 business days.
  • You will receive an email when your proof is ready. Once you place the transfer order from the proof, the $45 proof fee is credited to your order.


How to See Your Proof

When you place a proof order, they are available to view in your online account.

You will receive an email when your proof is ready to view.

Simply log in to your account, in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and click on Proofs.

proof menu


Click on the proof you would like to view.

proof in online account

Approving or Revising Your Proof

Once you view your proof, you will need to either approve it to be printed as is, or let us know what is wrong with the artwork to make a change.

proof options


If you need to make a change, one free revision is included with your proof order. After one revision, if you need additional changes, an additional fee is incurred.
Please note: a revision is a tweak of the artwork, not an entire redraw.

proof revision


After you have selected your option to approve the proof or make revisions with changes, you will still need to scroll down and submit your selection to complete the proof process.

submit order or revision

Once you approve the proof, your transfers will be printed and shipped.


Use Easy View® to Create Your Own Proof for Free

Show your customer what their design will look like with Easy View, our online designer.

Easy View allows you to:

  • Show the design on models, apparel, or accessories.
  • Add a personalized watermark over the design.
  • Share the design via email.
  • Download and save the design to your desktop and print.

Easy View model proof

Easy View proof on t-shirt

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