Digital Artwork Guidelines

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Artwork Requirements:

CAD-PRINTZ® digital transfers are created using a digital process. Unlike the other transfer types, we can print vector or bitmap files for digital transfers. Download the Artwork Requirements PDF.

  1. Bitmap/Photo images – Resolution 300 dpi: Images should be created and saved at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) and at the size it will be printed. Enlargements of your file can cause poor image quality. Web site images are created at 72 dpi. These low resolution images don't print well.

  2. Convert text to curves: For vector files, convert all text to curves/outlines before sending. For Photoshop® files, please rasterize/render all type layers.

  3. Color/Mode should be CMYK (process): Digital transfers are printed in CMYK process colors (not spot colors like our screen printed transfers). Not all RGB colors can be rendered in CMYK; you should convert the file before sending it. Images on web sites are usually created in RGB colors.

  4. Special effects, fades, etc. can be used: Our digital transfers can reproduce multi-color fades and other special effects within your artwork. All fades, colors, effects, etc., should be set up in process CMYK colors.

  5. Line thickness & show-thru thickness :
    • Recommended thickness for white only areas is .1" thick.

    • Recommended thickness for non-printed/show-thru areas is .1" thick.

Acceptable File Formats:


Version 11 to X7.
All artwork should be "ON" the page.

Adobe Illustrator® All versions. Best if files are saved as .eps. If using Creative Cloud, save as CS5 .eps. Will accept .ai if saved with "Create PDF compatible file" is selected. All artwork should be on the artboard.
Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) All versions. PDFs can contain vector and bitmap graphics/text. All text should be converted to curves. All artwork should be "ON" the page.
Bitmaps/Jpgs (photos) Most files with extensions .jpg, .tif, .gif, .psd, and .bmp can be viewed. Grayscale and full color bitmaps, such as photographs, can usually be used as provided for digital transfers as long as the resolution is printable quality.
Photoshop® or Corel Photo Paint® All versions. Grayscale and full color bitmaps can usually be used as provided for digital transfers as long as the resolution is a printable quality.
Microsoft Word® These files may contain usable art or they will be used as a guide for recreating the art.
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