Quick Change Heat Press Platens

Expand your decorating options.

Turn your Hotronix® or MAXX® heat press into a multi-function machine with quick-change interchangeable lower platens. You'll be able to press transfers onto items of different sizes and shapes, like a variety of caps, duffel bags, children's shirts, and even shoes.

Quick Change Platens remove from the press in seconds with just a lever.

  • Compatible with Hotronix and MAXX heat presses that were manufactured after 2014, including the Dual Air Fusion, Air Fusion, Fusion, Auto Open Clam, and MAXX Clam.
  • For heat presses with a machine manufacture date before 2014, please call to order optional platens.


Platen Info


I just bought a heat press, what accessories do I need to print T-shirts?

You will need some basic accessories, such as reusable cover sheets.

What are the available voltages of Hotronix® heat presses?

Hotronix Heat Presses are available in both 110V or 220V.

My heat press machine starts to heat but then stops. What should I check?

Verify if your machine is in the set temp or set time modes. This could be causing the heat press to stop heating.

Is it important to use the correct pressure when applying designs to garments?

The key to proper application is the correct time, temperature and pressure for the material you are heat applying. If you have too much pressure it may result in strikethrough. Not enough pressure may affect the material's adhesion.

Sometimes when I lock down my Auto Clam it releases too soon. Any suggestions?

If you can't get your heat press to stay closed, there may be too much pressure or the round magnet on the adjustment arm may need cleaning. Check with your manufacturer.

I am trying to reset the time and/or temperature on my Fusion™ but nothing happens. What may be causing this?

Make sure that you are in the proper screen to access time/temperature adjustments.

What are some of the indications that I may need a new heat press?

One of the main indicators would be certain areas of the applied design are peeling or not adhering fully to the substrate. When this happens it is usually from having cold spots within your heating element. A Heat Press Test Kit will identify the temperature of the four corners and center of the heat press. You may also want to verify that you are getting even pressure throughout the platen. You can do this by placing four pieces of paper at each corner and then clamping down the upper platen. You should not be able to pull out the paper easily with the platen clamped down.

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