Great for start-ups and small businesses.

The MAXX® is the best selling low-cost clam-style heat press. Combining affordability, portability, and ease of use, the MAXX Clam Heat Press is a great choice for home-based businesses or those who are new to heat pressing.

  • Three sizes available
  • Digital time and temperature display
  • 110 volt standard (220 volt available upon request)
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Interchangeable lower platens
  • Free ground shipping within the continental U.S.


  • Gift with Purchase! Free Marketing Kit! ($75 value)
    Canadian customers please contact Stahls' Canada at 1-800-521-5255 to purchase a heat press.

    Technical Specifications

    • Patented over-the-center pressure adjustment
    • Coated non-stick heat platen
    • HRPO laser-quality steel framework
    • Smooth shock opening
    • UL/ULC/CE/RoHS Compliant
    • Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish
    • Interchangeable lower platens
    • Wide opening for easy layout
    • Available in 110 volt or 220 volt
    • 11 x 15 Electrical Options:
      120 v; 8.3 amps; 1000 w
      240 v; 4.5 amps; 1000 w
    • 15 x 15, 16 x 20 Electrical Options:
      120 v; 15 amps; 1800 w
      240 v; 7.5 amps; 1800 w
    • 11" x 15": 31" x 21" x 21"
    • 11" x 15": 72 lbs. ship weight
    • 15" x 15": 31" x 21" x 21"
    • 15" x 15": 78 lbs. ship weight
    • 16" x 20": 35" x 25" x 22"
    • 16" x 20": 104 lbs. ship weight

    Questions and Answers

    Is a MAXXTM Heat Press the best machine for me?

    The Maxx heat presses are an economical line for those producing shirts as a hobby for friends and family, or using for occasional professional use.

    Is it important to use the correct pressure when applying designs to garments?

    The key to proper application is the correct time, temperature and pressure for the material you are heat applying. If you have too much pressure it may result in strikethrough. Not enough pressure may affect the material's adhesion.

    Why is it necessary to pre-heat a garment before heat applying?

    Pre-heating your garment removes the chemicals and moisture that may be in the garment due to manufacturing. Also, pre-heating assures a wrinkle free surface for heat application.

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