Adding Rhinestones to Screen Printed Transfers

Make your customers stand out in a crowd
Add some bling by using our stock rhinestone transfers in addition to your screen printed transfers. Give your customers a unique and custom look. Use our rhinestone ready layouts as a guide or be creative and choose your own!


Rhinestone-ready layouts are available as perfect compliments to our rhinestone transfers. Other layouts from our Easy Prints® collection have been organized for you to add 3.25”, 4” or 5” rhinestone transfers in place of the clip art shown in the layout. Start by choosing a rhinestone transfer and then a Rhinestone-ready layout that is compatible. Rhinestone sizes can be found on the Rhinestone product page. If ordering by phone, inform your representative which rhinestone transfer you will be applying to your chosen layout. If ordering online, use the rhinestone placeholder clip art in Easy View® to signify that space is to be left unprinted for your chosen rhinestone transfer.

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Easy View®

Be creative! You can view and customize your Rhinestone Ready layout in Easy View to see what your finished design will look like. Use the rhinestone placeholder clip art of the rhinestone transfer you would like to use. The rhinestone placeholder clip art is where your screen printed transfer will be left blank so that your rhinestone transfer will fit. The rhinestone ready layouts and the rhinestone clip art placeholders shouldn’t/cannot be scaled. In order for the layouts to work with the rhinestones correctly, the layouts must stay at the size they were originally designed in our system (adult size). If Easy View does scale the rhinestone placeholder clip art, our designers will modify the art in house so your actual rhinestones will fit.

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Application Tips

First, press your screen printed transfer according to the instructions that came with your transfer type. Then, after your screen printed transfer is pressed, place the rhinestone transfer on the shirt. Before pressing the rhinestones, make sure to use a cover sheet to cover the entire area of the screen printed transfer so that no ink will stick to your upper platen on the heat press. Press your rhinestones by following the instructions that came with your rhinestone transfers. Please note: rhinestone transfers cannot be placed over screen printed transfers.

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