Frequently Asked Questions

What computer requirements are needed to use the new Easy View designer?

The new Easy View designer will work on almost any computer with an internet connection, but works best in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers. If you have Windows XP and are using Internet Explorer, you are using a very old browser – Version 8. The problem is Internet Explorer 8 cannot be upgraded on Windows XP. So, the best solution for Windows XP users is to download another browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How do I get to the new Easy View?

You will need to be logged into in order to use the new Easy View designer. Once logged in you can access the designer in one of two ways from our home page:
1. ClicK on “EASY VIEW ONLINE DESIGNER” in the menu.
2. Click the "Browse Layouts” or "Browse Clip Art” link, choose a layout or clip art.

I’m at the “Welcome” screen. What do I do next?

If you are here for the first time and want to begin designing using our pre-saved artwork, select the Easy Print Layouts or Easy Print Clip Art icons. If you want to begin designing with an empty slate choose “Start from Scratch”. If you’ve used the designer previously, you can restore your last session, open artwork from your own library (previously saved artwork) or select a recently used layout along the bottom.

How do I find layouts or clip arts in a specific category?

Once you choose to open the Layouts or Clip Art Idea Book you can click on the drop down menu next to “Select Category” to view artwork in the category of your choice. You can also search for Layouts or Clip Arts by typing a keyword into the search field and selecting “Search” or pressing Enter on your keyboard.

I know what Layout or Clip Art I want to use, how do I get to it?

Within the Idea Book you can enter the exact Layout or Clip Art ID into the search field to search for a specific one.

Why aren’t all the layouts available?

The new Easy View designer works with most, but not all of our layouts. We will continue to strive towards getting all online layouts working in the new designer. Until that time, the old Easy View will still be available for use.

How do I access a saved design?

Previously saved designs can be accessed from the “My Library” area. You can get to your library a number of different ways. The easiest way is to choose the “Open from My Library” link at the top of the designer.

How do I add or remove layouts and clip arts to/from favorites?

First you need to view layouts or clip arts in the Idea Book. To get to the Idea Book choose “Start a New Job” at the top of the designer and then click on either the Layouts or Clip Art Idea Book icons. Clicking on “favorites” beneath the previews adds or removes them from your favorites. A yellow start indicates it is part of your favorites while a grey star indicates it is not.

How do I view just my favorite layouts and clip arts?

Your favorites can be found in the “My Library” area. You can get to your library a number of different ways such as the “getting started” window, but the easiest way is to choose the “Open from My Library” link at the top of the designer. From the My Library area you can click on “Select Category” to view Layouts or Clip Arts you have marked as favorites.

How do I add a clip art or layout to my current design?

With your design open, choose the ADD CLIP ART or ADD LAYOUT button.

How do I use my Custom Clip Art (CCA) in a design?

Custom Clip Arts can be found in the “My Library” area of the designer. To bring up your CCA’s within the designer you can click on the “Open from My Library” link towards the top. You will need to choose whether you want to add to or replace your current job. Within the My Library section of the Idea Book simply choose CCA under “Select Category”.

How do I swap a clip art with one of my Custom Clip Arts (CCA’s)?

To swap a clip art with your CCA, select the clip art and then choose the “Swap” button in the left nav, then click on the “My Library” tab at the top of the Idea Book. Under “Select Category” choose CCA then select the CCA you want.

How do I save my design for later?

You can save a design to your library by choosing the “SAVE JOB” button in the designer. Once selected you will be prompted to name the job you are saving.

Can I export my design to my computer?

Yes, you can select the “Preview and Share” button to export, email or print your design. To save your artwork to your computer in .png format select the Download tab, type in a filename and choose Export.

Can my artwork be printed out?

Yes, you can select the “Preview and Share” button to print, email or export your design. Within the “Preview and Share” window choose PRINT. You will be prompted to save your artwork before printing.

Can I email my design to my customer?

Yes, you can select the “Preview and Share” button to email, print or export your design. On the “Share via Email” tab enter a From and To email address along with a message subject and message, then choose SEND. You will be prompted to save your artwork once you select send.

How do I change the font?

To change the font for any line of text, simply select the text line and then choose another font from the font dropdown menu in the left nav.

How to I change the text in my design?

There are two ways to change text lines.

1. Double-click on the text and type in the new text.

2. Click on a text line, type the new text into the text field on the left nav and then choose OK.

How do I change the color on single objects or text lines?

To change the color on just one object or text line, simply select that particular item then in the left nav click on the color icon and choose a different color.

How do I change the color on multiple object or text lines?

You can select multiple objects or text lines by holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and selecting multiple items. Once multiple items are chosen you can click on the color icon(s) in the left nav to change the color.

*Note: To change the color for the entire design simply “lasso” the whole design until all objects are selected and then change the color(s) in the left nav.
**Lasso: Click the left mouse button and drag the cursor creating a “lasso” to grab the objects you want to select.

How do I build a two color design?

To add additional colors to a design, simply select the object or objects you wish to add the additional color to, then click on the color icon in the left nav and choose a color of your choice.

How do I delete a color from my design?

There is no “delete color” button, but you can always remove colors by selecting objects and changing them to a color that is already in your design.

You don’t have the color I’m looking for; can I request a custom color?

Yes, for a $20 fee Transfer Express will color match any coated pantone color. When choosing colors, you will need to enter a PMS number beneath the color palette. The color will be displayed and then just choose OK to apply the color to your design.

Why don’t the colors on the screen match your ink colors?

All computer screens are different. The color swatches on the screen are just a visual representation of our actual ink colors. You can purchase our apparel printing color selector to view actual printed colors.

What is the color shown with the red slash across it?

The color icon with the red slash through it represents areas of the design that are “show through” or in other words contain no ink. Those areas in your design will be represented by the fabric color you choose because they “show through” to the garment. There is no charge for this show through color.

How can I ensure my artwork is lined up properly?

The “Object” menu along the top of the designer contains many features. You can use the align tools under the OBJECT menu to align multiple objects. Tip: Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard to show “helper” lines as you move objects around.

How can I copy/paste artwork?

You cannot copy/paste artwork outside of the designer, but you can duplicate artwork within the design canvas by clicking on an object and then selecting “Duplicate” from the Object dropdown menu at the top of the designer. General copy/paste hotkeys also work (Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste).

I have a list of names, how do I get them into the designer without typing them out?

To import a list of names or text lines you can select the dropdown arrow next to the ADD TEXT button in the left nav and choose “Add Typesetting Columns”. Choose IMPORT to bring in text that is saved in .txt or .csv file format.

How do I delete an object or text line?

You can select any object(s) and then choose Delete on your keyboard or select the Delete icon along the top of the design canvas.

Can I change the font for more than one text line at a time?

Unfortunately, fonts must be changed for one text line at a time.

How can I resize my entire design?

The “Transfer Size” field in the right nav controls the overall size of your entire design. You can enter you own height or width values or select one of our standard sizes from the dropdown menu.

What is the art board used for?

The art board is just a background bounding box that gives you something to design against. It does not get printed. There are many art board sizes to choose from.

How do I know what size to make my design?

Under the Art Board menu (along the top of the designer) there are several suggested standard sized art boards to design against. Simply select the category that applies (Adult, Cap, Heart, Visor, Leg or Sleeve) and choose an art board size. You can select those same sizes for your actual artwork by using the dropdown menu next to the “Transfer Size” field in the right nav.

How can I disproportionally change the size of my design or an object?

With and object or design selected, you can use the “Lock/Unlock” icon next to the size field in the right nav to changes sizes disproportionally. When locked the height or width will change proportionally and when unlocked you can specify an exact height and width.

Can I make my text more than one color?

Yes, you can use effects to add outlines or shadows to your text that can be any color you choose. If you are looking to make the fill areas different colors you can accomplish that by entering the text as multiple line items and coloring each item separately.

Oops, I made a mistake… how do I correct it?

The best way to fix a mistake is to use the “Undo” along the top of the design canvas.

What’s the largest I can make my design?

Our standard sheet size allows for screen printed design’s to be a maximum of 11.25” x 14”, however Jumbo size, which is available for a 20% increase in cost, allows designs to be made up to 13” x 15”. If you need a design larger than 15” you will need to use a Digital CAD-Printz print method.

How do I communicate special instructions for my design?

Typically, your design will be made to look exactly as you see it in the designer. However, if you feel the need to communicate something to us you can use the “Order Notes” in the lower, right corner of the designer to communicate any special instructions.

How do I create a gang sheet?

For screen print method designer, the Easy View designer will automatically gang your images to fit on our standard 11.25” x 14” sheet size. You will see this when you choose “Review Order and Add to Cart”. You are also free to create your own gang sheets by fitting as many images as you can in the standard or jumbo art board. Ganging is not an option for Digital CAD-Printz or Non-Apparel print methods.

Why is the Total Image Quantity more than the Image Quantity I entered?

The designer will automatically optimize your order by fitting as many images on a sheet as possible. Occasionally this will lead to additional images that are shown in the Total Image Quantity.

How can I tell how much it is to ship my order?

Shipping cost depends on a number of factors, including additional orders in-house and therefore cannot be displayed at this time within the designer or shopping cart. Transfer Express has very good shipping rates and strives to keep shipping cost to a minimum. If you need more detail on shipping cost you can contact one of our Dealer Services reps at 1-800-622-2280.