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Personalize car, truck, and store windows with a custom design or start from any one of our Easy Prints® layouts. Customize the clip art, colors and fonts.

  • Adheres to any smooth exterior window, mirror, eye glasses, crystal, or clear store fronts
  • Available in any size and design
  • Choose from a white or clear static cling material
  • Made from durable water and fade-resistant material
  • Order in any quantity, from just one to more than 500
  • $25 minimum order
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Tips / Application

  • 1. Clean surface to which the graphic will be applied.
  • 2. Remove graphic from the carrier. The graphic can be applied from either side (for both indoor and outdoor).
  • 3. Position and apply your graphic by hand to eliminate air bubbles during application.


Should Static Clings go on the inside or outside of a window?

On interior windows they can go either way. For outdoor use, window decals would be a better choice.

When would you recommend clear vs white Static Clings?

The white media offers brighter and more vivid colors. The clear is recommended when a see through static cling is needed, such as an advertisement on a window front.

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